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Moving to Canada to experience a season of winter sports, I was captivated by the size of Canadas great outdoors and the desire it ignited to get out and explore. That need to explore the wilderness had been instilled in me as a child. My family would go camping often, whether it was camping on Fraser island in Queensland or camping in the back country and National parks of New Zealand. I was always in awe of that connection to nature when we escaped the confines of the city. So moving to such a large country with so many places to visit naturally I wanted to build something that would enable greater access to these places. To be able to explore and to do so in no rush. Having the convenience of a place to sleep and allow longer trips led to building my first camper. It is the experience of the open road and willingness to explore that I want to share with others. The freedom and the ability to go new places and connect with nature.

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